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Important Rules & Regulations

1. The students are expected to be regular in the attending the school. Late comes will be fined Rs.1/-per day.
2. Normaly leave should be sanctioned before it is actually availed parents/guardian are expected to give a note in this regard in the space provided with student diary and the student are expected to get it signed by the teacher in-charge of the class.
3. In case of prolonged illness beyond seven days leave application must be supported by medical certificate.
4. If a student absents himself/herself from school for one month without getting prior permission. The principal can struck off his/her name from the roll of the school and readmission shall be given only be deposited this add fee with fine.
5. Ordinary fine Rs5/-per day shall be charged from those students who absent themselves from the school without prior permission. However fine up to Rs.10/-per day may be imposed for absence on special days.
6. Leave during examination days due to unavoidable circumstances can only be got sanctioned by the principal.
7. Leave for day when the school functions are held will be sanctioned by the principal.
8. Parents are requested to deposit the school fee from 1st to 10th every month in the Lord Krishna NATC cop-operative MiniBank.There will be Rs.10/-late fee fine up to 10th of every month and rs.10late fee fine up to 20th of every month. If dues are not paid up to last date of month the name of the student will be struck of her role and readmission may be sought by paying in fine of Rs.200/-
9. 90% of attendance is compulsory for appearing in annual exams.
10. For the duplicate copy of school living certificate, report and character certificate Rs.50/-will be charged.
11. Regular and punctuality is very essential proper application is required from the parents for leave.
12. During the absence of the teacher from the class the student must obey the monitor appointed to maintain the discipline.
13. The school is not responsible for any article or money lost. The girls should not wear any jewellery expect smaller ring.
14. Students are not allowed to receive visitors or phone calls during school hours expect in case of emergency, verbal requests through relatives or servants to send the children home before time will not be accepted.
15. Students without license are not allowed to use motorbikes and scooter Vehicles must be kept locked at the stand.
16. The students are expected to behave in a refine manner. Whenever they go, they should always remember that what has been taught to them.

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