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Message From Principal Desk

Education means one should be enlightened mentally as well as morally. The standard of real education e.I. moral values are decreasing day by day .That is why unfacted incident are happening in the society. Comparing of the education of the old days we stand no where. Most parents are very much upset due to their uncontrolled wards . Media’s advertise, low level publication and standard literature are possible for the down fall of moral values of youth . if the due attention is given toward the moral value of the students along with bookish knowledge, I am very much confident that we shall have good result. Our student will be morally enrich children should be more near to the culture of our BHARAT. Each child must be like NACHIKETRA, DHRUV and VARUN. One should see in one’s mother a goddess, in father and guru a god one.
“MATRI DEVO BHAV , PITRI DEVO BHAV, ACHARYA DEVO BHAV ” teacher must apply this sutra on his student. Thus they will be well mannered and well behaved. The MATRA of success is “trust in god do the right and they will done ” god means generates, operates ad destroys. Teaching is ]a pious duty which gives DHARMA,ARTH,KAM AND MOKSH and this is ultimate goal of life. Teacher always prays to god for the uplift of students and his pray never goes in vain. lastly I am of the view that parents must have faith and trust in the teacher. Because he is the teacher of their blood.

Prem Sagar Sharma

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